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Working on this modern, fast-paced play about an image of a young woman in a yellow dress becoming a sign of resistance was a delight. Since the show is about the ways technology and social media have influenced recent political revolutions, I suggested we incorporate live-feed video projections into the scenic design. Learning how to execute live-filmed segments on turn-table stage was a difficult process, as it as something I had never done. After much rehearsal, we were able to create visually striking images that added to the intense themes of the show.


Director - Lesley Delmenico

Assistant Director - Nolan Boggess

Production Stage Manager - Julia Dursztman

Sound Design - Nolan Schoenle

Costume Design - Erin Howell-Gritsch


Grinnell College

March 2018

Image of an Unknown Young woman

by Elinor Cook

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