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let us know you're okay. is an audio-tour, site-specific performance surrounding the disappearance and suicide of a Grinnell College student in 2006. Combining text of the press coverage surrounding the student's disappearance, data from Grinnell College’s 2016 mental health survey, poetry, and original text, the 40 minute performance for one person was created to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the student's death and bring awareness to the mental health issues that prevail on campus today.

To request a script perusal or to read the academic essays surrounding the performance, please email Nolan through the contact tab.

To take the performance, bring your smartphone, headphones, and good walking shoes to Bucksbaum Art Center at Grinnell College.

Once there, put your headphones in and play this.

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Let us know you're okay.

by Nolan Boggess and Lauren Fenton

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