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Inspired by the successful Broadway Backwards cabarets in NYC, we experimented with gender and classic musical theatre songs. Two highlights of the night included Turkey Lurkey time featuring all male trio and Being Alive with a woman playing Bobby. The cabaret was presented alongside The Producers to close out a season of musicals at Forestburgh Playhouse


Director - Nolan Boggess, Vinny Capluzzi

Choreographer - Sydney Chow

Music Director - James Osorio

Lighting Design - Anthony Raddi, Anna Summitt

Sound Design - Travis Byrne, Jake Beha

Props - Lorelei Davis

Song Selection - John Bubb and Franklin Trap

Forestburgh Playhouse

August 2019

Broadway Backwards Cabaret

Forestburgh Playhouse

Cast: Kaitie Buckert, Sydney Chow, Eric Graupensperger, Dylan Goike, Breia Kelley, GraceAnn Kontak, James Johnson, Amaya White, John Zamborsky

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