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Speakers: Jeetander Dulani, Sarah Henderson, Emily Howe, Ajuna Kyaruzi, David Mura, Meghna Ravishankar, Schvalla Rivera

TEDx Grinnell was a big player in my undergraduate studies. I remember sitting in the audience as a first year, so excited that my college could produce an event like this. The next event in 2019, I served as Production Manager and Emcee.

I was so thrilled to serve as a Speaker Coach for the 2021 event, A Vision of Hope. I worked with five fabulous speakers to shape their ideas of what hope looks like. It was remarkable to see how differently each speaker interpreted the subject. More information on the event and the speakers here.


Speaker Coach - Nolan Boggess

Speaker Coach - Kathy Clemons

Organizers - Robert Ludwig, Tess Kerkhof, Creede McClellan

Grinnell College

February 2021

Tedx: A vision of Hope

TEDx Grinnell College

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